Boarding House for Dogs

One of the accommodation facilities of the Center is a boarding house for dogs.  We are specialized in accommodation of dogs that need longer treatment, old dogs which need specific medical care and dogs waiting to be adopted. Every furry friend in the hotel was rescued from the streets and we are trying to recover their faith in people, in love, in life. What we strive for is to make them healthy, happy and recovered – before going to their new homes full of so much needed love and attention.

If you are travelling on holiday or short business trip, and you are unable to take your pet with you, Center for dogs and cats Jasenak is te perfect place for your dog: running out, nature and lot of fun will make your dog’s days pass faster and nicer until your return…
Capacity of the Boarding House

The hotel covers 20 acres, and is located between the veterinary facility and a private household. This formation provides our 24 hours attendance and monitoring of the dogs. Every dog has its own place where to sleep and everything is adjusted to their size. There is thermal isolation in every kennel. Kennels are open during the day, and dogs move wherever they want around 20 acres of green area. Dogs can freely come in and go out from one unit to another. During sunny days they are all mostly in the shade, and those who like to swim enjoy mini pools. We plan to install video surveillance.

Medical Care
Dr. vet. med. Zoran Dragas

All dogs have a complete veterinary care 24/7. In addition to regular vaccination, after their arrival to the boarding house, each dog undergoes complete clinical examination to determine dog’s physical condition. We weight the dog and determine the diet, number and quantity of meals. We exercise mandatory heartworm analysis as well as blood tests - if needed.

Every dog in the Center for dogs and cats JASENAK is chipped, vaccinated against rabies, and infectious diseases and sterilized / castrated. All dogs have been treated against fleas and ticks, and internal parasites.


Dogs who have problems with weight and who entered the Boarding House in general bad physical condition have special diet prescribed by a veterinarian, all in accordance with dogs overall physical condition.

Puppies: 3 times a day (08:00h, 14:00h, 19:00h)
Adult dogs: twice a day, at 08:00 and 19: 00h
Type of food: granulated and canned food
Vitamins: daily, according to the weight
Desserts: daily, during the game, as a reward
Socialization and Rehabilitation Programme

Regarding the fact that Jasenak is  originally Center for abandoned dogs, if there is any trauma - as a result of living on the street - we rehabilitate dogs and re-socializate them. All dogs are released during the day, to play and socialize. When new team member arrives - each dog is released separately to meet the newcomer and play with him on the playground.


Kennels and apartments are maintained and cleaned on a daily basis, as well as green and concrete surfaces.

One day in Jasenak
  • 06: 30h getting up and releasing dogs from kennels
  • 06: 30-08: 00h cleaning up and facilities’ hygiene
  • 08: 00h first meal
  • 08:00 - 19: 00h free time activities: playing, socializing, pampering, walking, resting, awards (sweets)
  • 19: 00h second meal
  • 20: 00h bed time preparation

Every dog has a story, and every story is unique. This motivated us to make a profile page telling the stories of our fur friend in Jasenak. Each of these dogs is waiting for the right owner to love him, pat him, to share a life, lot of love and unconditional friendship. So we suggest you the best option: ADOP - DON'T BUY.

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For more than thousand times he assured me that I'm the reason why he exists the way he would lay down near my foot and the way he wags his tail when I smile at him.

Jean Hill