Center For Dogs And Cats Jasenak

Center for dogs and cats Jasenak is veterinary station specialised for medical treatments, recovery period and sterilisation including accommodation of elderly, sick and abandoned dogs that are to be adopted.

It's placed near Belgrade center, only 30 km away, and it spreads over 1,5 ha of authentic greenery. Its ideal location makes it perfect for rehabilitation and temporary accommodation for cats and dogs.

Taking the importance of responsable ownership into account, the center's policy is primarily focused on promotion of humane animal treatment and protection of animal healthcare, together with implementation of sterilisation programme as the only efficient and humane method for reducing the number of stray dogs and cats.

Center for dogs and cats Jasenak works within Veterinary station Alfa Vet Co 2007 Lazarevac, dealing with prevention, diagnosis, animal treatments and implementation of Programme of measures prescribed by the Republic of Serbia for preventing and spreading diseases. In order to raise the awareness how much it is important to improve the level of medical care for stray animals, Alfa Vet Co 2014 expert team decided to open a special care center for abandoned dogs and cats - Center for dogs and cats Jasenak.

Our favourite friends never count less than four feet.