Sterilisation And Rehabilitation

Center for dogs and cats Jasenak supports responsible ownership and humane treatment of animals, by these, it strives to implement the sterilization program as the only effective and humane method to decrease the amount of stray dogs and cats.

The Centre for dogs and cats Jasenak is castrating dogs and cats in inhalation anesthesia. Inhalation anesthesia is considered to be the safest in small practice, and provides pain-free operations, plus the recovery is much quicker and easier. Unlike inhalation, injection anesthesia can not be controlled - one of its main defects is unpredictability and poor control after administrating the first dose.

Since one of the aims of the Center for dogs and cats Jasenak is contribution to solving the problem of stray dogs and cats - we established non-commercial prices for sterilization and castration, which includes antibiotic therapy and recovery period up to 4 days after the intervention. If , for some reason veterinarian suggest longer post-operative period it is included in the price. This refers both to the abandoned dogs and dogs who have owners, which are chipped and registered in the register of dogs and cats in the Veterinary Directorate.

  • The owner or temporary guardian shall provide dog food during the four-day free stay in the Recovery Center within the complex. If the owner or temporary guardian are unable to provide home for the dog or cat after the recovery period, there is a possibility to pay for accommodation: the price is 400 RSD per day (plus food).

  • If you are not able to organize transportation to the Center for dogs and cats Jasenak - call us and we will organise a meeting point and take over the dog or cat anywhere in Belgrade.

  • There are many misconceptions when it comes to sterilization. Why is this important, and how does it affect the health of your pet, you can read in the brochure issued by the Association of Small Animal Veterinary Practice Serbia in cooperation with the American Association of Veterinary brochure about sterilization

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