Adopting the pet is something you should think about, if you decided to have dog or cat. Adopting a pet saves one life. These are our baddies that are presently living in Jasenak. Read their stories and change their lives. They believe in miracles, and miracles happen every day!

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Every month, Center for dogs and cats Jasenak donate free sterilisation/castration of a dog or a cat, plus free ten days recovery period. Follow us on Facebook, promote responsible ownership and participate in actions that can win you free recovery in Jasenak.

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This page is for educational purposes and therefore include educational material and brochures prepared by numerous organizations and associations promoting animal welfare and responsible ownership. We are happy to present all materials available in this field.

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Center For Dogs And Cats Jasenak

Center for dogs and cats Jasenak works within Veterinary station Alfa Vet Co 2007 Lazarevac, dealing with prevention,  diagnosis and treatments of dogs and cats. The unique concept of the Center and the vast area in the natural surroundings make precious every day care for the dogs possible and in addition enable us to have and implement a professional sterilisation, treatment and rehabilitation program, and have comfortable boarding for dogs at the same time. The dogs staying in our Center enjoy their every moment, spending the day in playing and socializing, free and happy. However, as each of them need a warm home and family surrounding, we strongly promote responsible adoption as the only true and reasonable solution for any pet.

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Within its veterinary practice, Center for dogs and cats Jasenak offers services of preventive, general and specialist examinations, treatment and surgery. The infirmary is especially designed for pets that need hospital accommodation and treatment under veterinary surveillance.

One of the accommodation facilities of the center is a boarding house for dogs. We are specialized in accommodation of dogs that need longer treatment, old dogs which need specific medical care and dogs waiting to be adopted.

Center for dogs and cats Jasenak supports responsible ownership and humane treatment of animals, and in accordance with that policy we are implementing sterilization programme as the only effective and humane method to decrease the number of stray dogs and cats.

If you need to sterilise your dog or cat, or the dog you are taking care of needs boarding house accommodation for a longer period of time, a treatment, a recovery or rehabilitation, and you are not able to organize transportation to the Center - call us.


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Dog-proofing your home is essential for your pet’s safety.

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Want to adopt a dog? You made right decision.

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Every pet deserves our love and affection. Pets are not toys.