Adopt A Dog

10 Top Reasons For Adopting A Dog

If you have made the decision to adopt a dog either because you feel you would like to have a loyal companion who would stay always with you – you should know that you made a right decision. Once you have shared your life and home with a four legged friend, it can be hard to imagine life without them being around.

Below are 10 top  reasons adopting a dog could be the best thing you ever do.

  1. Dogs Are Loyal, Loving Companions

There is no doubt at all that dogs are the most loyal, loving companions a person could ever have the pleasure of sharing their lives and homes with. A dog will never answer you back, they seem to know when you're tired or unwell and when you are happy. Instinctively, a dog will cuddle up to you when you're upset or stressed out, and research has shown that petting a dog releases endorphins in the brain which are full of that “feel good” factor – the result? We feel so much better after having stroked a pet – that's why Labradors and other dogs make sure wonderful therapy dogs! 

  1. Dogs Give You A Great Excuse to Stay Fit

Owning a dog is a great way to stay fit and healthy. There's no better reason to go out for a walk than with a dog. The same applies if you prefer a good run or a jog in the great outdoors on a regular basis. There's something very rewarding about being out on a walk with a four legged best friend – they love it and you get all the fresh air you need to keep you feeling great. Breeds like Collies make perfect jogging companions too! 

  1. Dogs Can Help You Make Friends

 If you are looking for a great companion and one that will get you out and about, look no further than a dog. Going out for walks with your pet means you are bound to come into contact with lots of people whether they are dog owners or not. You can join an obedience class which offers you another great opportunity not only to train your dog, have a load of fun but it allows you to meet like minded dog owners too. 

  1. Owning a Dog is Good For Your Overall Health

There's been lot's of research into how good owning a dog and sharing your home with them can be for your health. These studies have shown that dog owners are less likely to suffer from heart diseases and high blood pressure. Dogs give you a great excuse to be out and about when you take them for their daily walk and this means you stay fitter and healthier all round. Small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers need less exercise than a Jack Russell would need, so it's important to find out about a breed before adopting a dog because just because they are small doesn't necessarily mean they need less exercise. 

  1. The Warmest of Welcomes When You Get Home

When it comes to warm welcomes, dogs are the masters of saying a big “hello” to you every time you arrive home, and it's something you can always look forward to. With a dog in the house, you will never have to go home to an empty house because they will be eagerly awaiting your return not only to go out for a walk but just to be with you! 

  1. A Dog is The Best Alarm You Can Get

When it comes to protection, dogs are brilliant, they always let you know when something is wrong or if somebody is around. Dogs have tremendous hearing and will usually bark when they hear a strange, unfamiliar sound warning you there might be someone at the door or hovering around outside. With a dog as a companion in your home, intruders will think twice about breaking in! If you live in a remote area, a Doberman could be the perfect choice! 

  1. The Nicest Form of Responsibility

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, they become valuable members of the family and if you have children, the kids will learn all about the value of looking after their pet – which is a really important learning curve for them. Choosing the right dog to fit into your family environment will help teach children lots of things – and the bond they form with their pet will be one that could never be broken. 

  1. Dogs Are a Constant Source of Amusement

Dogs can be real clowns when they want to be and love playing games. It's not just puppies that do silly things, older dogs too like to have fun whether it's playing with a ball or a special toy. Some older dogs learn to skateboard as well as other extraordinary things – like jetskiing with their owners! 

  1. Dogs Will Never Let You Down

One thing a dog will never do is let you down and although they don't answer you back, they can be very talkative when they want something – namely their breakfast or dinner, when they want to go for walkies or when they hear the car keys! 

  1. Giving a Dog a Second Chance

If you adopt an adult dog from a rescue centre, you're giving them a second chance which they will be eternally grateful to you for. You will know exactly what you are getting with an older dog – something that's always a bit of mystery with puppies. With an older dog, there's a lot less chance of a few surprises!