Aron is a very special boy. He arrived at Jasenak in April 2015. Among many other talents Aron is with incredible intelligence and very peaceful character. However, he is not so interested in other buddies – he is mostly doing all things by and for himself: this is because Aron, even at the boarding house, is searching only for one thing – his future family. He is a mix lab, very kind and very active, with strong personality, 4 years old. He likes free space, just as every dog do, but Aron have some special credits for this: he is running and running all day, every day. When done with his sports activities, he usually napping but watching if he didn’t miss by chance anything around him – especially possibility that someone could probably be his new family. For all information abotu Aron you can call Dragana, his foster care lady: +381 61 14 300 10

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