Klempa (Loopy) is a gentleman whose place of residence was originally Belgrade Arena. As a gentleman of integrity, he had a team of three females, and he took care of them as a supreme protector. He protected his girls and puppies, but he was always good with people. One day, Klempo together with many other dogs was caught and taken to the asylum. People who cared about him, found him after two years and led to Jasenak so that he could peacefully spend his old age. Since joining us, he gained weight and got better, generally he’s cool, everyone loves and respects him. He seemed very pleased. He has his own basket, has a place on the lawn, likes sweets, and he’s never intrusive. Today he is an elderly gentleman, and never misses a thing in Jasenak, even though he’s alwas on a side. You may feel that Klemp cares for nothing, however - this guy is like an activator - knows everything, hear it all but never intervene. He minds his own business. That's why he is respected and loved.

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