Sima is about 3 years old. Brought by two sisters, who saw him near Metro at Vidikovac, while he was wandering around the block. Sima was friendly and got along with others. One day  dog catchers were invited, probably because of his for size and took him away. Other males were left unharmed. Sima spent some time in the shelter Rakovica before two sisters saved him and brought him to Jasenak. Sima lost trust in men, but still loves women. He arrived in Jasenak with serious skin condition and demodex. He is very suspicious which makes the treatment and bathing difficult, however we do progress. His fur improved, and his mood has improved. When he sees a woman, Sima  bounces of joy,  nibbles fingers and then runs in circles.  He makes a circle and then jumps again like crazy. Good and cuddly character, but if you're a man - you'll have to earn his trust. Sima  simply deserves it! If you are intrested in adopting Sima please contact us.

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