Mosa was found in Palilula, curled in mud and with injured paw. Belgrade Veterinary Station pick him up that September, and he was lucky enough to win a heart of a girl: she took him from the city shelter.. He is very intelligent and therefore he will share few words with you: „ I'm a big. I have about 30 pounds, maybe a little more. I'm handsome, and I know it. I adore big yard, open space, soft grass, and I don’t dig holes – just saying. I love my dog friends: big, small, medium – all of them. I’m very graceful. I like to hunt chickens and I don’t like cats, so I chase them all the time - this is a fact. I enjoy to nestle or roll around on the grass. I sit down when you give me candy, I love it. I love to play with a ball, but I need a companion to play – me, my buddy and a ball - perfect. I don’t like winter, my paws are always cold, I'm sensitive to the cold. I'm not a big fan of mud and snow, I hate to be dirty. I’m 3.5 years old.” Regularly vaccinated, castrated, and regularly treated against internal and external parasites, chipped. Just for responsible animal lovers. Belgrade. +381 63 509 427, +381 63 451 416

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